Omega University

The intended purpose of the professor evaluations was to assess the effectiveness of professors. This is valuable to a university and to its professors because it allows them to improve teaching methods, class engagements, and so on. However, the unintended consequence of the perceived grade inflation should give university administrators pause, but it should not […]


University should hire non-native speakers as languages instructors

At first glance, the author’s conclusion that the university should hire non-native speakers as languages instructors instead of hiring native speakers for all language classes seems reasonable. However, a careful examination of the claim reveals that the argument relies on a series of unsubstantiated assumptions, which render it unconvincing as it stands. Before any final […]


Evaluation system should be introduced

One of the biggest factors for students to decide their major and their future career is their interests for a particular subject. How a teacher teaches a particular subject strongly influence on whether students can be interested in a subject. Especially in universities or collages, students have to decide their majors which suit in their […]


argument 2

In the above topic, author states that people describing themselves as generally happy had more electrical activity in prefrontal lobe of their brains. In the light of this evidence the author concludes that effective treatment of clinical depression is medication stimulating the left prefrontal lobe. In this argument, the author is to impetuous to give […]


More Evidence is Needed

The argument that government should focus to reduce the number of serious injuries from bicycle accidents by implementing education programs seems logical at first. However, the conclusion relies on assumptions without clear evidence. First, the newsletter reports the percentage increase of bicyclists wearing helmets ten years ago was compared to today. However, the newsletter does […]


benefits of study abroad

Of course yes , because studying abroad has valuable additional life experiences than studying inside country.In my viewpoint , studying abroad more than an educational process and it can be a good condition for experiencing something about life and catching useful skills. We all face to lot of challenges in our life and each of […]