Making a decision is generally responsible. An important decision, such as future career, marriage, or education problems, includes not only the person’s personal responsibility but other persons as well. In my opinion, the statement is absolutely correct because other person’s viewpoints and situations also should be taken into account when a person decides something significant. […]


What a the qualities of a good neighbor?

This is a difficult issue to answer and there are a lot of attitudes toward it. Some states rich and generous man is good, while others say their occupations are most vital. If asked, the both gropes would present compelling arguments to corroborate their assertions. I think the answer depends on personal experiences, personality type, […]


Agriculture research

Whether which of business and agriculture is more important is depend on the situation of the society. In my country, Japan, I personally think that agriculture study is more valuable than business research. There are the following three reasons. First of all, Japan has a high demand to study agriculture because the domestic food supply […]


What charity you will choose?

There is no doubt that nowadays people need each other’s help to have a good life. Some people need help because due to some circumstances they could not provide their daily requirements. Due to the paramount importance of helping each other efforts to organizing these helps have always been amongst the priority of societies. A […]


More Money Should Spend On Basic Needs

Different people will give different answers to this question from their own characters, emotional concerns and even educational backgrounds. However, when it comes to me, I firmly belief that the government should spend as considerably money as possible on fit basic needs. I list several reasons as follows to better illustrate my points of this […]