Number of cars

A thought-provoking current issue concerns number of cars in the future. Some believe that more and more cars will be used. It is therefore timely to discuss the validity of this perspective. For the following reasons, I believe that there will be fewer cars in use in twenty years. Firstly, new technology will develop more […]


Put money on arts

There should be many discussions on the topic either some company put their money on the project supporting the arts or the one protecting the environment. Some will be positive to put money on the environmental project. However, I will recommend the company the project on the arts. I like to use the following reasons […]


Make quick decisions

Some people consider that it is not preferable to make decisions quickly, while others think that things go well when people make quick decisions. If asked, both sides would provide logical reasons to support their stances. Personally, I disagree with the statement that the decisions that people make quickly are always wrong. I will explain […]


Gain of easy credit company

The above argument says about the plan of the Easy credit Company who want to gain advantage over the other competing credit card services. As per the plan, the company will donate a portion of the proceeds from the use of their cards to a well-known environmental organization in exchange for the use of its […]


Complain in writing or in person?

Once in my childhood, I palyed with my favourite toy car, and with curiosity, I disassemble the car into several parts. Unfortunately, I could not group the separate parts into a whole no matter how hard I tried. As a mechanical engineer, my father patiently explain the function of each parts of the toy car, […]


Vaccine research

With the rapid process of industrialization and urbanization, the modern world comes to us, alongside with the deteriorating environment and the increasing diseases. Some people argue it is to recreate hospitable surroundings that is the most significant mission the government ought to fulfill to refine current medical treatment. Although destruction of environment has something to […]


Foreign Aid

Over a century, human beings, especially in developed countries, have caused disastrous environmental problems in the World. Nowadays it is recognized as the issue that needs to be prevented in the future. Among various kind of environmental problems, global warming is regarded as one of the most critical issue. One possible way to weaken the […]


Environment problems

Technology has did great help in improving the living quality of human beings, however, it has also cause some environmental problems. Some people argue that people must rely on technology to solve these problems, however in my opinion, some of these problems can be solved by the advancement of technology. It is true that technology […]