A good neighbor

Some people say that the qualities of a good neighbor are kindness and richness. However, I strongly believe that the qualities of a good neighbor are the following two. One is being quiet. It is very important for people to sleep deeply, study intensively and enjoy conversation with their families. In a noisy environment, you […]


The influence of classmates is more significant

Some people may assert that parents influence their children predominantly compared to classmates regarding children’s success in schools. Others may state the opposite view. In my opinion, the influence of classmates on children is dominant in their successful life in schools for three reasons, which I explore in the following essay. First, human beings are […]


City and village

City and village are two main kind of habitats for human beings on this plant, and each of them has its own merits and demerits. Thus, this situation has triggered a heated debate: which one of them is more comfortable for citizen to live in. As for me, compared with rural life, city life is […]


New students

Students who move to a new school encounter problems in the unknown environment for them and supports from school are essential to lead a comfortable school life. In my opinion, the school should give an opportunity to do a group assignment about their school’s neighborhood with existing classmates and to introduce not only the new […]


Conventional agricultural practices contribute to pollution affecting both our health and the environment

Conventional agricultural practices contribute to pollution affecting both our health and the environment. Meantime, many regions in different continents are suffering from awful famines. In order to combat these famines and avoid people die during these disasters, many people believe the governments in each country should put people’s lives in the first place, ignoring the […]


Many benefits of building a new factory

In Japan, where I live, many people generally hesitate to develop a new factory near their living places. They always say that the factory could pollute the environment, or crimes will increase. However, I definitely think that building a new factory will provide a lot of benefits to our community. First of all, building a […]


Health care

Health care, a foundational part of our society, has been valued and even triggered a heated discussion about whether cleaning the environment is the most important thing the government should do to improve it. In many people’s opinions, the most vital thing is to clean the environment to make the health care better. Contrary to […]


New means of transportation

Nowadays, it is common that the majority of people owns a car, but since one hundred years ago automobiles were not so popular. Therefore, the first car was seen on the British roads in 1888 and since that moment everything is changed; cars became much more ordinary and in the XX century there were 29 […]