A zoo is useful and should be maintained

Some people claim that a zoo is unnecessary because all animals should live in the wild. However, I definitely support the idea that it is important to keep a zoo. I feel this way for 2 reasons, which will be explained in the following essay. First of all, a zoo has an educational purpose, especially […]


We can learn a lot from young people

It is frequently said we should respect senior people and learn a lot from them. However I definitely believe there are so many things we can learn from someone younger as well. I feel this way for 2 main reasons, which will be explained in the following essay. The first reason is that we have […]


Eat at restaurant

In Japan, where I currently live, there are more and more people going out to eat at restaurants and food stands because they do not have enough time to make meals at home anymore. However, I personally prefer to eat my meals at home for several reasons. Most importantly, when I make my own food […]


Always telling the truth

Although telling the truth is considered as one of the most important aspects of a relationship, I disagree with this point by stating that telling the truth is not always beneficial for relationships. Certainly, some people will scrutinise my opinion with different point of support, but as far as I am concerned I will give […]


Children these days are less creative than in the past

In Japan, where I live, many people think that technology has provided children with more opportunities to be creative. For the following reasons, however, I firmly believe that due to advances in technology, children have become less creative nowadays compared to the past. First of all, new technology has drastically shortened the time children spend […]


The internet makes your lives better

There are many differences between the way of my life and my parents. Among them, the biggest difference should be the existence of the internet. The internet made the way of your life much better than those of my parents’ generation. And the next generations would receive the benefit of it. I would like to […]



As the technology of information and science growing, it is easier for us to live now than when our grandparents were children, for the faster communication, more adequate crops and larger productivity, which contributed to the level of comfortibility noways. First of all, interacting with people from all over the world and getting information from […]



Whether you believe it or not, Americans spent a whopping 69.5 billion dollars on their pets in 2017 and owners have to pay ever higher price for the same thing over and over. This phenomenon has trigger an heated debate about whether it is wise to spend a big sum of money on pets even […]


Complain in person

These days, there is a growing awareness of the way of complaining. Different people have different ways for complaining. However, while some people prefer to use writing such as letters and mailing to do it, I prefer to tell them in person. I have some reasons why I think so. First, writing takes so much […]


Human beings always vexed

Modern human beings face a strange paradox; surely we made prominent progress, but we are yet to be free from persistent conundrums of the world. On this basis, some believe the difficulty of the conundrums in these days is more significant, while others contend that the degree of the perplexity does not ultimately differ. I […]