Electronic medical record

The reading passage outlines that there are numerous merits for doctors to adopt electronic medical record rather than traditional paper-based record keeping, which directly controverts what the professor reckons that it is uncertain to use this way. Compared with the points presented in the article, the lecturer considers them unconvincing and refutes them one by […]


single issues

I completely agree with this statement that in these times, with so many things going around, people are not able to focus clearly on a single issue over a long period of time. There are many reasons for this. Instant communication systems bombard people with many issues at the same time. The transmission time of […]



Technology, the best way to make things easier for a human being. in this 21st century, engineers have invented many different technology which made life easier for us. Technology involves all the electronic devices including mobile phone, laptop ,tv and many other items which made everyone restless. These devices did made it easy but according […]