Studying the same national curriculum

Studying the same national curriculum is beneficial in some ways indeed. For example it helps the department of education to simplify their education plan and makes it easier to design tests. Since the students all study the same surriculum, it will be an easy job to distinguish the good learners. However there are also sufficient […]


LASIK surgery

The primary position that is taken in the reading passage is that the government should ban LASIK surgery until some research can guarantee good results for patients. On the other hand, in the lecture, the professor argues that these laser eye surgery procedures are safe and effective. First of all, in the reading, the author […]


The effects of movies and television on people

In many years there has been much controversy over the effects of movies and television on people, espesially on the behavior of young people. As for me, I totally agree with the statement that movies and television have more negative effects than positive effects on the way young people behave. This essay will explore the […]


Government should fund the arts

Some people believe that the government should fund the arts to ensure that it can flourish and be available to all people while others evaluate such funding a threaten to the integrity of the arts. In my opinion, these two extreme positions miss an important premise consideration. The effects of the funding have to be […]


Reading fiction

There is no shortage of debate about wether it is enjoyable to read fiction than watch movie, in my point of view, it is more advantageous to watch films. I feel this way for two aspects, and i will try to develop my points through following paragraphs. To begin with, watching movie not only can […]


Computer and smart phones

With the development of modern technology, the young children have many opportunities to use these technology like computers and smart phones. Although some people think children should not use these technologies too much, I maintain that young children should be encouraged to use these technologies. First of all, young children could learn many skills through […]


Dis building factory

Some people think that if large factories are built near their community, they will bring a financial benefit to that community. Without a doubt, some regions receive some benefits from plants which are built near the area. However, I think that building the new plant near my community is controversial problem and disagree with the […]


Alternative medicine

Recently, some people shift from taking medicines to trying other ways in order to prevent disease or to relieve from sickness faster. In my opinion, we should be suspicious about the new ways until it is rigorously secured safe and effective scientifically. One of the good points of introducing the new ways of health keeping […]


Natural souces

There is always debate whether it is right or wrong to give money to beggars who are asking for money on the street. There is pros and cons for this discussion but I insist that handing out the money to beggars is not justifiable deed based on below two reasons and one counter reasons. First […]


While it may be true that the moped accidents could be decreased due to the limitation, the author fallaciously affirms

While it may be true that the moped accidents could be decreased due to the limitation, the author fallaciously affirms that the proportion must be 50 percent. Failing to take other elements which would influence the accident as well as the dissimilarity between these two islands into account, the author just provides the evidence of […]