A zoo is useful and should be maintained

Some people claim that a zoo is unnecessary because all animals should live in the wild. However, I definitely support the idea that it is important to keep a zoo. I feel this way for 2 reasons, which will be explained in the following essay. First of all, a zoo has an educational purpose, especially […]



Knowledge and awareness to the world is the constant pursuit to all man. Education is a path to achieve so thereby it is eternally being an issue to talk over. Some voiced that the amount of paycheck of the tutors is closely related to the educational quality of which tutors possibly present. Is that so? […]


Vacation for students

Some people believe that students should be given one long vacation each year, while others believe that students should have several short vacations throughout the year. As far as I am concerned, I strongly believe that students should have one long vacation each year. I will present two reasons that support my idea. First of […]


Class attendance

Many students prefer their attendance to the university‚Äôs classes to be optional, where they select which class to attend and which they do not. Myself I strongly support the other opinion that say attending classes must be obligatory. My first reason for supporting that opinion is that going to university is optional at the first […]


Parents do not understand their children

With the development of science and technology, educational system has also been promoted by their government, and some teaching patterns have also changed dramatically, which cause a big controversial in the whole society. Some people would like to say that parents do not understand their children as much as well as did 50 years ago, […]


Computer and smart phones

With the development of modern technology, the young children have many opportunities to use these technology like computers and smart phones. Although some people think children should not use these technologies too much, I maintain that young children should be encouraged to use these technologies. First of all, young children could learn many skills through […]


Educational Reform

In the Saluda newspaper editorial, the writer proposes to reduce the number of courses offered at Saluda Consolidated High School on the basis that a smaller private school in town offers a basic curriculum with significantly less courses yet consistently sends a higher proportion of graduating seniors to college than Saluda Consolidated High School does. […]