There are numerous factors that influence a child’s development. Among them, two of the most important would be parents and teachers. I believe, however, that good teachers are much more important than good parents to a child’s development. The most important reason is that good teachers can guide a child’s development for much longer than […]


Role of hardwork for our success

People in our time have more opportunities to succeed but they also have to face more fatal competition. Success in every aspect of the society requires extraordinary efforts in addition to some luck and various kinds of social network since we are living in an age which emphasizes team work and cooperation between each other. […]


Education, sports and social activities

Ever since the civilization of the modern society, people pay increasingly more attention in education. Whether sport and social activities should be equally treated with classes in finance aspect is causing casuing more debate. At the sight of this view, I think twice and decide to vote for it. First of all, I totally believe […]


Socilaization and society

A child’s socialization begins at a very early age. A positive association to social education is an integral contribution to his/her personality in his/her adult life. The saying ‘children are the future’ rightfully places responsibilities on the youth of today to make a brighter future with an inclusive, honest and benevolent society. That being said, […]


Boys and girls should attend separate schools

Recently in modern society, people’s sense of values have been more diverse, and they have various opinions as to the importance of relationship between boys and girls. If asked, each would present compelling arguments to corroborate their assertions. However, I agree with the statement that boys and girls outgh to study in the same educational […]


History courses

In discussion of history courses, a controversial issue is whether all the students need to take them no matter what their field of study is. While some argue that those courses are useless for future career of students in other majors, some contend that they shape the thoughts of students as qualified citizens. Although I […]


College education

The cost of a college education has increased over the years. With the ever-increasing amount, there has been calls for providing students with a free college education. By offering students a free post-secondary education, students will not be left with thousands of dollars in debt. Still, with a free post-secondary education, it brings too many […]


Early education

Recently in modern society, people’s sense of values have been more diverse, and they have various opinions as to the role of education. Some people might think that children should take lessens from their early age. Others would argue that they should spend more time in playing while they are young. If asked, both groups […]


Quality education

What must be prioritized is that the improvement in teaching productivity is more likely to ensure a quality education than the increment/ increase in teacher’s salaries. Initially, it is assorted and diverse teaching aids, compared with the boost in tutors’ income, that encourage/ enable/ stimulate students to learn efficiently. To be more specific, without doubt, […]