Palean Baskets

Using patches of evidence, the given passage concludes that baskets earlier attributed to Paleans were, in fact, not unique to Paleans. This conclusion is broadly based on two disjointed shreds of evidence. One is the discovery of a “Palean” basket in Lithos. The other evidence is the current depth and width of the Brim River, […]


Invention of airplanes

In this modern era we are using contemporary tools and equipment. One most important discovery is transportation, especially airplane. People nowadays feel very convenient because of this useful invention. I would like to discuss it’s many benefits in details. In the first place, airplane is fastest way to travel. A man can have launch in […]


TV vs Books

In today’s world, Television on TV plays a crucial role in our lives. Staring in the morning with the morning exercises/yoga channels to daily soaps/cartoons/movies in the afternoon to sports in the evening and daily news at night; it has become a constant companion. And for all age groups. There is no denying the effects […]


Luck with discoveries

The factor of luck in any work or organisation holds a lot of important. Everyday people pray for luck to manage their troubles, achieve success in their endeavours and fulfilment of their secret dreams. A lot of people also try a lot rituals to invite luck into their lives. But luck can come as blessing […]