Academic discipline and Perspective change

The author claims that the study of an academic discipline alters the way we perceive the world. By exploring and analysing, this claim holds in majority of the cases. I agree with the author that a student’s perspective changes after studying in an academic discipline. After studying her studies in Management and Finance, a student […]


The role of school or college in cultivating students

The statement is flawed due to its downplaying the role of school or college in cultivating students, as far as I am concerned. It’s reasonable to associate personal discipline with great significance concerning learning knowledge, but there are still considerable students lacking motivation in need of timely and appropriate guidance from their teachers as well […]



The time in the university is an important period of everyone’s life which largely determines how your rest life will be.In this case,the problem that weather or not university students should be required to attend classes seems to be important.With all aspects carefully considered,the essay believes that going to classes should be optional for students […]


a good son

When it comes to the issue the important qualities of a good child, it is quite normal that people have different opinion about it. According to my experience and observation, a child should be honest, self discipline, and help full. First and the most important feature that a good child should have, is that honest. […]



Is there any corelation between success of students and how their rooms are clean? Some people might contend that students with tidy room will be more successful. Others might claim it is irrelevant. If asked, both groups would present compelling arguments to corroborate their assertions. For the following reasons, I think students who keep their […]


when to spend money

I definitely believed that it is better to spend money later in the future than to spend money immediately when you get the money. I will present two reasons to support my opinion. First reason for my belief is that saving money for the future enables us to prepare well for uncertainties. World has become […]



The argument states that Bayview high School is considering whether to require all its students to wear uniform. He justifies this position by comparing the School with another private schools on several parameters and thereby concluding that Baywiew would do well by following the suite. The argument is flawed as it fails to mention several […]