Living longer

Without a doubt, people are living longer these days than ever before. While there are many explanations for this phenomenon, I believe that the two most important are advances in science and the fact that people today enjoy manageable working lives. I will explore why I feel this way in the following essay. First of […]


Information technology

The advent of information technology makes lot of changes in our work field as well as daily life. AlMost all work practices such as health care, industry travel and tourism education in all aspects information technology help to produce manipulate, store, communicate,and disseminate information .I belive that ,technology make lots of benefits in our daily […]


The editor argues about a new equipment that determines stroke risk in early stages, about its importance in avoiding the

The editor argues about a new equipment that determines stroke risk in early stages, about its importance in avoiding the occurrence of strokes, and in reducing medical costs. After explaining the exact function of that state of the art machine, he recommends that all pharmacies acquire it, a fact that will lead to an early […]


negative influence on children

Euthanasia is the medical practice of ending the life of a terminal patient who is hopeless ill. It is ordinarily called mercy killing or painless death. It is an issue causing heated debates. Opponents condemn euthanasia as murders discrediting the principal obligation of a doctor, who is supposed to save life, while proponents advocate with […]


Living Longer

It would be increasing countless causes of stress around us today, it includes so much pollutions (water, air, environment, noise, etc), competitions (in business, in school, in society), peer pressure, social pressure, first food, artificial flavors. Even though world changed more stressful, people are generally living longer than before. There are several reasons to support […]


Questioning expert opinion

The term “expert” is used to descibe someone who has extensive knowledge and experience of a given subject. This persons expertise may have originated from eductional study or through actual hands-on learning. When we are in search of answers to questions, we automtically turn to experts in the field, for a solution. For example, if […]


Why people are living longer?

It is obvious that nowadays in general, people are living longer.In my opinion greater awareness among the people regarding their health and the new development in technology and health care delivery system are two main causes of this phenomena. Nowadys people are aware of their health, existing diseases and its prevention.They have realized that prevention […]