New Year’s resolution

As the new year has arrived, it is time to think about a list of new year resolutions. This year, I plan to achieve the three goals that I have wished to complete for a long time. My first and most important goal, would be to stop procrastinating. Procrastinating is the definition of “Delaying or […]


Whenever the United States hosts the Olympic Games, I am always struck by the way in which the United States

Whenever the United States hosts the Olympic Games, I am always struck by the way in which the United States represents its history, its achievements, and its luminaries in the opening ceremony. We showcase famous actors, world-renowned composers, great inventions, but little about the state of the United States and the people it comprises. The […]


Sense of Humor

Some people may say that honesty is the most important to make a success in their live, because honest people are able to be believed. However, others may find another characteristic. I asked, both groups would present convincing evidence to substantiate their stance. In my opinion I definitely think that sense of humor is the […]


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Standing out at the beginning of new era labeled with technology, people realize that this society is highly competitive, fast growing and rapid developing, hence they have to keep up with this century being highly skillful and taking the most updated information. Everything around us is evolving in split seconds and new inventions are being […]



While our identification with social groups does undoubtedly play a significant role in the way we define ourselves, it is but one amongst a host of factors that contribute to the way we perceive and identify ourselves. Indeed, a person’s identity is an comprised of not only their social identity, but also their cultural, linguistic, […]


social groups

As we grow up we tend to create or fall into some social groups with which our social likings and dislikings match. But are these social groups really define us ? According to my understanding it does. Now a days almost everybody falls within some social group or a community through which we identify that […]