Luck and success

Nowadays, people have different views on whether we need luck in order to become successful. I strongly agree with this statement, because success is the result of dedication and hard work. First, people work hard in order to succeed in life. For example, I friend of mine has a real successful story because of the […]


Loyalty good or bad

When discussing grandiose, often ineffable moral and ethical constructs like loyalty, its very easy to pigeonhole loyalty as a concept into one of two extremes- a paragon of virtue or a blind adherence to a goal that can undermine or even harm ones not “loyal” to the cause. However this is a false dichotomy; loyalty […]


leader: dedication or flexibility

Is dedication to a certain principle the most important virtue of a leader as the speaker represents?While I commit that the strong will and consistency is indespensible for a effective leader, the author overemphasizes their value. To start with, the implicit rationality behind the speaker lies in that persistance to an objective is indeed crutial. […]