There is a lot of people in the world, which makes difficult us to define what qualities are important as a good roommate, but I believe that of the significance as a good roommate is the person who has a better intelligence and follows the rules. In the school life, it will become good opportune […]



The author in the argument above is discussing about a prehistoric cave being excavated by archaeologists that has bones of animal from various species of deer..He states that bones that oldest bones over 40,000 years old seem to belong from species whose modern day descendants prefer woodland whereas the bones at recent level from 30,000 […]



Nowadays, most people think that technology has forced children to think less creatively than in the past. However, It is my firm belief that I am not supposed that technology has robbed children of creativity. I feel this way for reasons, which I will explore for the following essay. First and foremost, to be sure, […]



Whether you believe it or not, Americans spent a whopping 69.5 billion dollars on their pets in 2017 and owners have to pay ever higher price for the same thing over and over. This phenomenon has trigger an heated debate about whether it is wise to spend a big sum of money on pets even […]


New tech

Ever since the 21st century begun, our society developed in a lot of aspects, technology, education system, poverty and medical care all over the world. In my opinion, this century is the start of new era for technology. I feel this way for two reasons which I will explain in the following essay.  To begin […]


Eat meals with family

In Japan, where I currently live, some people think it is not important to eat meals with family. However, I definitely disagree with the idea that it is not important for family to regularly eat their meal together. To give the most rational explain to my answer, I will present some clear reasons and examples […]


Examples to support

The aritcle believes that having a four-day week will make contibution to three aspects which is more profit for company, lower unemployment rates and more leisure time for the employees. However the lecturer totally disagree with it . First of all, the author believe that four-day week will increase the amount of money the company […]


A four day work week

The main paint made in the reading passage is that the option of a four-day workweek for 80 percent of their full-time pay gives benefit the overall economy, companies, and employees. However, the professor argues that it is not true that the option of a four-day workweek has benefit. First, the passage mentions that this […]