Society needs change

Every individual plays an important part in any society and should be cautious before any action.A responsible is aware of his responsibilities and acknowledgment that he is responsible for his deeds and actions.However,we cannot disagree that its the society that makes or breaks an individual’s personality. In every culture, parents are commonly concerned about their […]


We can learn a lot from young people

It is frequently said we should respect senior people and learn a lot from them. However I definitely believe there are so many things we can learn from someone younger as well. I feel this way for 2 main reasons, which will be explained in the following essay. The first reason is that we have […]


History courses

In discussion of history courses, a controversial issue is whether all the students need to take them no matter what their field of study is. While some argue that those courses are useless for future career of students in other majors, some contend that they shape the thoughts of students as qualified citizens. Although I […]


why attend college

After graduating from school, many students choose directly enter the work force. Other students, however, decided to attend college to obtain more knowledge. As for the reasons for attending college, different people hold different opinion, I believe the most common reasons involved are to gain more knowledge, prepare for career and accumulate new experience. Firstly, […]


Quality of a good son

The family is the most strong reltionship in human and it is not only in our species but also in other animals. In our society, keep one’s family is one of the usual thing. However, we sometimes heard news which is a suicide or murder of family from televisions or newspapers. These issue might break […]


Museum culture

Visiting museums is an excellent introduction to a new place. When travelers visit museums, they are introduced to that place’s history and culture, and they can easily ask any other questions they have about the place. First, people often visit a new place’s museums to learn about the history of the town, city, or country. […]


It is really difficult for many people to succeed in this global society and the success in each person’s life

It is really difficult for many people to succeed in this global society and the success in each person’s life differs from each other. However, I strongly believe that the most important characteristic for success in life is a communication ability. Communicative persons are more easily to success. First, to succeed in life, we need […]


Technology Reserves Cultures

With the development of technology, it is easier for people to live in the world. Some people worried about that modern technology is creating a single world culture because the distinction between different cultures, different countries and different people are gradually disapeearing. However, I think it is not true. There still are various cultures that […]