Overmining of copper

The argument state about a potential solution to overmining of copper and its related problem. According to the author, when the scientist will learn new method to create large amounts of copper from other chemical elements, then the regulation of copper mining will not be necessary. Further the problem of overmining as well as pollutiondue […]


Young persons

There are certain considerations or factors that everyone can take into account to investigate and examine necessary abilities for young persons. I certainly agree that youngsters ought to have the capability to plan and arrange. Someone can consciously weigh the pros and cons of each side. The explanations go as follows. Firstly, it can contribute […]


Some people might think Television has led the collapse of communication among friends and family. However, I strongly disagree that

Some people might think Television has led the collapse of communication among friends and family. However, I strongly disagree that TV badly affected communication among friends and family. I will elaborate my opinion with following reasons. First of all, TV can create opportunities to communicate with family while we are relaxing. Most of people set […]


My Perspective on College Education

Today more and more people include many students think the university education is to prepare students for employment. But at the same time others do not agree with them. In their opinions, the university education has other functions. For example, as we know that most students go to the college at their age of twenty […]


Life is always changing

The way of life is always changing, espetially it is true for our century. The rate of technological progress speeds up, thus we may expect that this process will keep speeding up, and it is a hard to predict what would the life look like in the following century. However, I will try to speculate […]


essay4 community

I’m excited that my community is being considered for opening a new university. I welcome the idea and my first thought is that it would great to have a campus in our locality. However there are also some cons attached to it. I’d now list them out in the following points. Firstly, having a university […]


now to measure progress

When it comes to evaluating the progress we have made, there is a host of discussion and no consensus can be found. Some will claim that logic and precise measurement should be applied to evaluate the progress so we can exactly know whether we have made progress or moved backwards. Others insist that not everything […]


imagination or experience

When it comes to what is more valuable for the development of our society, people always hold different opinions. Some believe that experiences are playing an crucial role in that since those are the foundation of our world and build up the community step by step. Others believe that imagination is of great importance because […]