Preschool education

Preschool education is at the heart of development of a person , so more and more adults have attached great importance to their children’s preschool education. However, it is not cheap for parents to pay the tuition. Therefore, some parents appeal to the government to make preschool education free of charge. In my opinion, I […]


Movies are popular nowadays

Movies are very special in their own way where an individual gets to learn something. Nowadays people prefer to watch film to obtain some deep comprehension about the place the movie was filmed. I will be exploring about the importance of movies in the following essay. Firstly, I believe that an individual can learn various […]


In what way are music and art important?

The art of music has long been an indispensable part of human existence. A fundamental cornerstone of our civilization, music has always had the magical power to make things move, from bringing individuals to undertake heroic acts to uplifting nations singing under a unified tone to achieve great things. Music is what babies are first […]


Study abroad

In this globalized world, students can choose the school even in other country. Although the reasons greatly differ from person to person, I would like to make my argument from two perspectives: the demand for a person who speaks two more languages and broadened perspective which gung-ho is coming to have. First and primary reason […]



Dating back to a thousand years ago, human beings are still limited in a small island, the only way to travel for a long distance is to walk with the horse for months. It takes more than a month to simply send a mail to their friends within the country, not to say across the […]


Conventional agricultural practices contribute to pollution affecting both our health and the environment

Conventional agricultural practices contribute to pollution affecting both our health and the environment. Meantime, many regions in different continents are suffering from awful famines. In order to combat these famines and avoid people die during these disasters, many people believe the governments in each country should put people’s lives in the first place, ignoring the […]


University research center for agriculture or business

In recent years, people’s sense of values have been more diverse, and they have various opinions as to the importance of the advancing the research in certain areas. If asked, each would present compelling arguments to corroborate their assertions. However, I believe that an agricultural research center is more important than a business center in […]


The custom in my country

Each country has its own customs. Some of them are good and some are not. However, it will be good for people to adopt better customs from a country where they do not live. This paper looks at several good customs that I want foreign people to employ. One of the greatest customs in my […]


Good way to learn about a new country

As the society is developing, people have curiosities about other countries and there are many ways accessible. Though we can learn about another country through museums where show the country’s characteristics, I don’t think visiting museums is the best way since it has some limitations and we have better ways than this to learn about […]