It is common phenomenon that advertisements are modified to be appealing to people by adding false facts in them. In my opinion, this situation is supposed to shut down by government carrying out corresponding law. There are two major disadvantages that can have bad effect on both the company and society. By adding fake information […]


Greater budget on advertising for movies

The author suggests that greater budget on advertising would make more people come to the Super Screen produced movies because the quality of the movies is not to blame. The arguments presented here to support that statement is full with holes and assumptions. First of all, the author assumes that the report from the marketing […]


Playing video games

Nowadays, a lot of games go on sale every year, and a lot of people from children to adults play games. In this situation, some people might say that playing games is just a waste of time and children should not be allowed to play games, whereas other people might disagree. In my view, we […]


Compare and Contrast

It is quite apparent that these two different terms of families, nuclear and extended family, have gotten a substantial contribution to several stages of child development over the time. While each of two kinds of families are similar in being the most basic social unit in any society, they widely differ in several ways. That […]


Technology rescue the environment

Technology is a double side blade. It bring us mobile phone,Internet, cars, clothes, food, meanwhile, the industrial by-product is polluted our land, water, air, ocean: Many farmland full of garbage, rivers float meat can, city air fills with PM 2.5. Our environment is getting worse, our life is threaten by our technology. Although centuries ago […]


The global warming

Recently, the issue of climate change aroused a wide-spread attention among our society. It is so essential to our daily life that nobody can ignore it. If I need to choose an aspect of climate of change to study, I would like to choose the global warming which is the most important one of climate […]


Lectures or discussions

Some people may prefer the classes with lectures and almost no discussions. However, personally, I am in favor of the classes with open discussions between the professor and students and almost no lectures. I want to explain the two reasons in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, discussions between the professor and a student can […]


Attend classes as a requirement

Those who think self- dependence is very important might say that it is not desirable for universities to order the students to attend classes. However, I don’t agree with this idea. There are two reasons for my position. One is effectiveness, and the other is side effect. First, when it comes to effectiveness of learning, […]