GRE Practice Test 1 Topic

The argument made by the author about a TV station is making several implied assumptions, and lacking specific data facts to prove its merit. The basic premise of the argument is that maybe the television channel is aired only locally. It is however, unclear by just reading this extract whether the channel is just local […]


Promofood testing

The author of this argument provides some evidences of existence or lack of existence of a few chemicals known to cause some health risk and concludse that their canned food does not cause any health risk. At first glance, the argument seems strong, but there are some questions regarding their sample and testing conditions that […]


local news

While it may be true that dwindling the devoted time to national news and increasing the time for weather and local news could improve the television station revenue, the author fails to make a cogent case to prove this. It is easy to understand why number of viewers is important to any broadcasting station, but […]


Post offices

Output does not reflect- was it now/ was it always, might have exchanged – benefits. would just swapping solve the problem. The regional supervisor of post office operations makes an observation based on a two-week study of postal operations that Presto city post office handles about twice as many items as Lento city post office, […]


Retreat Resuls

The president of Cyberell wants to implement the policy to send only new employees of less than 2 years to retreats to yield optimum employee performance. The argument presented for the same is fleece with assumptions which unless substantiated cannot assure that these retreats will yield the optimum employee performance. The president stated that after […]