Using machines for jobs

I am now working at the company which makes the components of car in Japan, and this topic has been debated in Japan for a long time. Although the work by hand has some advantage against the machines, I believe that I prefer using machines to work especially for manufacturing sector. There are three reasons […]



It is common phenomenon that advertisements are modified to be appealing to people by adding false facts in them. In my opinion, this situation is supposed to shut down by government carrying out corresponding law. There are two major disadvantages that can have bad effect on both the company and society. By adding fake information […]


Primary purpose is studying

While some people think that teenagers should work to learn social systems directly throughout their own experiences, others believe that students should study at first. I am of the opinion that students should focus on studying. I feel this way for two reasons which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, the […]


Put money on arts

There should be many discussions on the topic either some company put their money on the project supporting the arts or the one protecting the environment. Some will be positive to put money on the environmental project. However, I will recommend the company the project on the arts. I like to use the following reasons […]


You should change your goals

Many teachers tend to teach their students never-give-up mentalism. And also the trainers at major of companies will say “never give up, till you reach your goal! ”. I will disagree with this attitude since following reasons. First of all, no one knows where his or her goal is always. Probably, many of us set […]


Olympic Foods

The argument claims that Olympic Foods will minimize costs and thus maximize profits. To prove the argument, the company states that its long experience of 25 years will enable it to become efficient and thus decrease the costs. In addition, the argument cites the example of a color film industry, in which the costs fell […]


Greater budget on advertising for movies

The author suggests that greater budget on advertising would make more people come to the Super Screen produced movies because the quality of the movies is not to blame. The arguments presented here to support that statement is full with holes and assumptions. First of all, the author assumes that the report from the marketing […]


Make quick decisions

Some people consider that it is not preferable to make decisions quickly, while others think that things go well when people make quick decisions. If asked, both sides would provide logical reasons to support their stances. Personally, I disagree with the statement that the decisions that people make quickly are always wrong. I will explain […]


Examples to support

The aritcle believes that having a four-day week will make contibution to three aspects which is more profit for company, lower unemployment rates and more leisure time for the employees. However the lecturer totally disagree with it . First of all, the author believe that four-day week will increase the amount of money the company […]


Financial problem

The argument above states about the mistake in Windfall company’s invoices and how its accounting team has saved the company some ten thousand in overpayment. The accounting team has checked about ten percent of the last month’s purchasing invoices for error and inconsistencies. Therefore the author, who is a member of a financial management and […]