Boys and girls should attend same schools

I disagree with the statement that boys and girls should attend different schools, and I have several reasons to support my opinion. I believe that in essence, co-ed institutions are more suitable for today‚Äôs modern society than single-gender schools, are more practical in a financial sense, and can produce graduates who are more well-rounded with […]


Private property

Residence largely influences our quality of lives. We spend at least a third of a day in our houses. I would definitely like to live out of university property. Although many people surmise that a student life on campus is more convenient, living outside campus in fact has more benefits. Two advantages in terms of […]


The role of school or college in cultivating students

The statement is flawed due to its downplaying the role of school or college in cultivating students, as far as I am concerned. It’s reasonable to associate personal discipline with great significance concerning learning knowledge, but there are still considerable students lacking motivation in need of timely and appropriate guidance from their teachers as well […]


College education

The cost of a college education has increased over the years. With the ever-increasing amount, there has been calls for providing students with a free college education. By offering students a free post-secondary education, students will not be left with thousands of dollars in debt. Still, with a free post-secondary education, it brings too many […]


People are living longer now

People are living longer now. People have different reasons to go to a college or university. Some people would go to a university just to prepare for a career to seek a better job, and others might go there because they would like to study in a specific field. Also, we can have new experiences […]


why attend college

After graduating from school, many students choose directly enter the work force. Other students, however, decided to attend college to obtain more knowledge. As for the reasons for attending college, different people hold different opinion, I believe the most common reasons involved are to gain more knowledge, prepare for career and accumulate new experience. Firstly, […]


Educate children

There is no doubt that this is an age of information. When the rapid development of Internet has brought us a great amount of convenience to our life, it also arouse wide debate on many aspects including education. Some people nowadays argue that Internet impede us to educate our children, while others suggests it makes […]


Boosting of Innovation and Start-up business

In this society of information, the desire of creating something new in youth has increased rapidly, which led to a boosting of innovation and the setting up of start-up businesses. Accordingly, the question concerning how to develop creative and innovative abilities in students at college and the future of this amazing speed of growth has […]