Every person holds a very important place in a society and their actions towards the laws and norms effect the whole system in numerous ways.Its vital to play a positive role in order to create a constructive environment for individuals.As much as optimistic and genuine opinions have a great impact in boosting confidence towards each […]



Since forever, people have moved from countrysides to cities for several reasons. First of all, cities offer better job opportunities while in countrysides if you do not want to be a farmer there is not much you can do. In addition, young people who want to pursue a secondary education have to leave their hometown […]


A large factory

One of the biggest surprise today is that Mr. Donald Trump is elected as a president of United states of Americas. Although there is a lot of reasons, and speculation why he becomes the president of USA, one reason is that he insisted that he brings back the large factory from China to US. His […]


Cheese import reduction

The author in the above argument is discussing about increasing profit of a chain of a cheese store in United Satates.He states that their top five best selling cheeses are types domestic cheddar cheese.So,the author assumes that discontinuing imported cheese will increase the profit of the stores. First of all,United States is one of the […]


I prefer to traveling alone

Although I feel loneliness when I travel alone, I prefer to traveling alone. I can mentions two factor to support my idea; the flexibility of travel and the concentration on my travel. To begin with, one advantage of traveling alone is flexibility to make my time schedule. Basically, I can go anywhere and anytime while […]


Are people satisfied with what they have

Nowadays, many people are obsessed with getting new or different items, and some people argue that people are never satisfied with what they have. However, I do not support this viewpoint. Indeed, some people value what they have and try to own those things as long as they can. Today, it seems like all people […]


How should school budgets be spend?

Every signle school suffer from its deficiency and need a lot of improvments. Some of them are richer than others but all of them can get better. Our school has its flaws too which need to take action to solve them. Our school require new blackboards and repairing chairs, the windows also need attention. Some […]


Who is the best for be a roommate

Having roommate is a unique experience which everyone should try it once in his/her life. There are a lot of benefits to have a roommate but it also may involve you with struggles too. A good roommate should meet some minimum requirements to decrease any stresses in roommate time duration. Everyone has its specifics characteristics, […]


Signs of a perfect child

Children are the best gift which life can take us. But good ones can change life quality in a big manner. In different culture tradition and social norms define what is good and what’s not. in the country I live, which is some kind of traditional and religious one have a old definition. So following […]


Responsibility as a leader

Since I’ve been a child, I’ve always tried to play a leader rule in games and gather people together to work as a team. Be a leader makes me feel stronger and passionate to handle problems. Leader position is comes with great responsibility. A leader should know well his/her team’s potentials and understand its member […]