Internet changes the value

There should be a lot of topics to talk about what changes the 21st century would be brought. I strongly believe that this century will bring us a revolution in the mind of possession. To describe why I insist so, I would like to use the following reasons and examples. To begin, you do not […]


Taking care of elderly

This is a very flexible topic to argue upon. Both sides of the argument have their own pros and cons, but I would like to argue about the responsibility of the administration to take care of eldest members of its community. In the following paragraphs, I will be supporting my thesis with some examples and […]


Flower power proposal from the editorial

In the editorial, it told us the contract with the city and Flower Power, and the contract is not working well. Therefore, the editorial mentions two solutions to solve the problem, increase the number of watering the plants or planting artificial flowers, and the editorial implied that the citizens will support those plans. However, stated […]


Political leaders withholding information

While, nowadays transparency among government and its citizens is of prime concern, still political leaders are more often seen to withhold information from public. In defense of political leaders, withholding information from the public is more of a necessity than desirability. That the term “withholding information” seems to be unfair to the public but one […]


“What can we get in university?”, “why do we go to university?” are the questions every college student may ask.

“What can we get in university?”, “why do we go to university?” are the questions every college student may ask. Some say it is preparing for employment. Yes, it is true. Yet. There are still some other functions, I think. Here are some: First, one of university education’s purposes is to make qualified citizens out […]


Elites or general welfare

The question whether the indicator of a great nation is represented by its elites or general welfare has always been the most dispute debates all the time. In my view, a country cannot be defined as well-being if their peoples cannot share its development. Admittedly the great achievements of rulers, artists or scientists provide rudimentary […]


Patriotic reverence to the history of a nation

“Those who don’t know their history are destined to repeat it.” The quote from the Irish statesman, Edmund Burke, alludes to the main issue of the discussion. Should citizens demonstrate patriotic reverence towards the history of their nation? and, does this reverence impede or fuel progressive thinking? Burke implicitly offers an answer to this question. […]