Examples to support

Ever since the civilization, people pay increasingly more attention to get better education. In contemporary society, the debate over whether better facilities or famous teacher can make more contribution to the development of students is heating up. At the sight of this view, I think twice and decide to vote for hiring famous teachers. First […]


Complain in writing or in person?

Once in my childhood, I palyed with my favourite toy car, and with curiosity, I disassemble the car into several parts. Unfortunately, I could not group the separate parts into a whole no matter how hard I tried. As a mechanical engineer, my father patiently explain the function of each parts of the toy car, […]


Should we extablish art standard

I concede that critics should establish a standard or criteria for art in certain culture and with certain background. However, there is no need to build up general doctrine to evaluate art works. In some cultures, people have formed certain concept for what is the perfect way to honor deities and what is the best […]


Vaccine research

With the rapid process of industrialization and urbanization, the modern world comes to us, alongside with the deteriorating environment and the increasing diseases. Some people argue it is to recreate hospitable surroundings that is the most significant mission the government ought to fulfill to refine current medical treatment. Although destruction of environment has something to […]


Available lands

In the modern world, available lands nowadays are becoming growingly rare due to the unprecedented industrialization and population explosion. Naturally the contradiction occurs when the time comes that remaining land resources are no longer sufficient enough for both human needs and endangered animals. Some people states that with the respect of economic development, scarce resources […]


Supply to poor countries

To give support is like a blessing to a needy person. Although today’s era is the period of advancement but there are many countries which are unable to effort the facilities.Then other nations offer them some help to move on. It has both advantages and disadvantages that are discuss in this essay. For developing and […]


Cell phone

 Some people say that if you are a traveler you should change the life style during your travelling. However, it is stressful to me to shift from daily usual life to unusual life for a year. Therefore, if I have to leave home for a year and I can take only one additional thing besides […]