Children these days are less creative than in the past

In Japan, where I live, many people think that technology has provided children with more opportunities to be creative. For the following reasons, however, I firmly believe that due to advances in technology, children have become less creative nowadays compared to the past. First of all, new technology has drastically shortened the time children spend […]


Technology has made children less creative

Nowadays in Japan, where I live, many people believe that advances in technology have led to children becoming less creative than in the past. For the following reasons, however, I firmly believe that new technology allows children to develop their creativity. First of all, there are new tablet applications that did not exist in the […]



Nowadays, most people think that technology has forced children to think less creatively than in the past. However, It is my firm belief that I am not supposed that technology has robbed children of creativity. I feel this way for reasons, which I will explore for the following essay. First and foremost, to be sure, […]


Playing computer games

Nowadays in Japan, where I live, many people believe that playing computer games has tangible benefits, and that children should not be prevented from using them. However, for the following reasons, it is my firm belief that we should impose restrictions on the availability and use of video games because the time spent on them […]


The influence of classmates is more significant

Some people may assert that parents influence their children predominantly compared to classmates regarding children’s success in schools. Others may state the opposite view. In my opinion, the influence of classmates on children is dominant in their successful life in schools for three reasons, which I explore in the following essay. First, human beings are […]


Preschool education

Preschool education is at the heart of development of a person , so more and more adults have attached great importance to their children’s preschool education. However, it is not cheap for parents to pay the tuition. Therefore, some parents appeal to the government to make preschool education free of charge. In my opinion, I […]


What activities should parents do with their kids

When thinking about the issue that what kinds of activities should parents do when they spend time with their kids, different people will have different answers. Maybe some parents believe that they should spend more time helping their children to finish the homework, however, I insist that playing games or doing sports is the better […]


The role of school

In these days, numbers and statistics have bigger voice than insubstantial aspects of our life. It is under this circumstance where the numerable academic achievement of each school has been stressed. At one extreme, some people argue that the role of school teacher is to just impart textbook knowledge to his/her pupils. However, this impoverished […]


Children should study in coeducational schools

Some parents think that their children should study in only-boys or girls schools, while others think that their children should study in coeducational schools. If asked, both sides would provide logical reasons to support their stances. Personally, I disagree with the statement that boys and girls should attend separate schools. I will explain with the […]


Teaching each other

Some people think that the parents will influence their child more than classmates of their child for success in school. But I strongly believe that child will be influenced by their classmates for following reasons. First of all, children will spend more time with their classmates than the parents of the child. It means that […]