Shift of course

That shift of course has been going on for a long time. It’s been driven by a succession of technologies—the Internet, the cloud, big data, robotics, machine learning, and now artificial intelligence—together powerful enough that economists agree we are in the midst of a digital economic revolution. But there is less agreement on how exactly […]


Why new experiences matter

People can choose whether to live a stable life in which changes scarcely happen and the life stay almost the same from days to days, or to live a changing life where new experiences are available everyday. For me, the changing life seems better than the stable life. First of all, I always hold the […]


Life is always changing

The way of life is always changing, espetially it is true for our century. The rate of technological progress speeds up, thus we may expect that this process will keep speeding up, and it is a hard to predict what would the life look like in the following century. However, I will try to speculate […]



The issue of differences between generation arouses much public controversy among people with different social strata. While some people appreciate the fact that there is no difference between generation, there are some others holding the view that the significant differences exist over generations. As far as I am concerned, the generation differs from each other […]


human’s effects on the nature

When it comes to the issue what changes will 21st century bring? Pessimists believe that we will be facing many predicaments such as increasing Ozone depletion, Air pollution, deforestation, soil erosion, global warming, and also changing climates. However, optimists have the opposite view, and they think that these disadvantages can not be underestimated. As far […]



Satisfaction can be defined as the ending point of the progression. The people wants progression in their life. So they don’t satisfy with what they have in their life. the dream of the people keeps on changing which will ultimately change the position of the individuals. Therefore in my opinion the individuals don’t satisfy with […]