You should change your goals

Many teachers tend to teach their students never-give-up mentalism. And also the trainers at major of companies will say “never give up, till you reach your goal! ”. I will disagree with this attitude since following reasons. First of all, no one knows where his or her goal is always. Probably, many of us set […]


Socilaization and society

A child’s socialization begins at a very early age. A positive association to social education is an integral contribution to his/her personality in his/her adult life. The saying ‘children are the future’ rightfully places responsibilities on the youth of today to make a brighter future with an inclusive, honest and benevolent society. That being said, […]


Study skills

We all face a time when we play an important role in solving an issue or a challenge which probably impacts ourselves. As far as I’m concerned, my biggest issue is to improve my overall study skills. When I was six years old, I studied with my friends after school. As young kids, we were […]



Various inventions exist in the twentieth century, and some of them change our lives, our values, and our environment completely different from the past. In my opinion, the car is the most important invention that changed our world, because it dramatically changed our transportation systems, our environment, and city landscapes. First of all, the appearance […]


Shift of course

That shift of course has been going on for a long time. It’s been driven by a succession of technologies—the Internet, the cloud, big data, robotics, machine learning, and now artificial intelligence—together powerful enough that economists agree we are in the midst of a digital economic revolution. But there is less agreement on how exactly […]


Modifying of the showerheads to restrict water flow

In this argument, the author maintain that the modifying of the showerheads to restrict water flow throughout all twelve buildings in the Sunnyside towers will increase their profits further. This conclusion is based on following evidence: first, the change will lead to a savings for Sunny Corporation. Second, no problems with showers have been reported […]


Young people enjoy life more

Throughout our lives, we enjoy our lives depending on the situation. Younger people enjoy their life in their way, and older people enjoy their life in their way. In this setting, the question hand is that which people can enjoy life more. In my view, young people can enjoy life more with less responsibly and […]



Today a lot of advertisements are designed to be attractive, even if they are exaggerated or attached false facts on them. I agree that there are so many misleading advertisements in the world, though it might be difficult to set a border between unscrupulous exaggerations and astute buzzwords. One major kind of unethical advertisement is […]


Change at school

If I could make one important change in a school, I would change the place which my school is located in. There are several reasons to support my idea. First, my schol is located far from my house, and it takes 1 hour to go school. Moreover, there is only one train available for me […]