Culture is culture

Authors claims that definitions of culture is directly related with rituals and ceremonies that we perform and they (society) gives the felling of who we are.. I completely agree with author’s first claim that rituals and ceremonies are the one that define our culture and helps to preserve our identity. But i think author overstated […]


Is it time to modify?

It is a disputable issue, many radical persons say that it doesn’t matter where are you, you should always keep your customs; it doesn’t depend on a place you go. And also many religious persons construe with that idea. They think that all of the ritual ceremonies or customs should be obeyed under any circumstances, […]


The holidays

So many debates have the social experts done on the importance of holding the traditional celebrations and holidays on the cultural identity of nations. There are several customs and holidays in calendar of each nation helping them to learn more about their country and its traditions. There are some historical, humanistic and economic factors invigorating […]


Culture and society

Culture is associated with a society or group of people. A particular culture can be recognized by some activities which is common in everyone in a group of people. A particular society exhibits a particular culture. In my opinion, rituals and ceremonies help to define a culture. Rituals and ceremonies show some of the unique […]


how to define a culture

Does rituals and ceremonies really helpful to define a culture? Admittedly, in rituals and ceremonies, there are fudamental things of a culture, such as their own manner. However, meanings which is derived from rituals or ceremonies are so delicate that a culture cannot be defined exactly. Moreover, some of them make people hardly understand a […]


0830 issue

Rituals and ceremonies may really help define a culture in some circumstances, to some extent. But the situations that rituals and ceremonies work largely depends on whom the people of a culture think they are. Situations such as where you from, the environment that you’re now in, current social trends and the way you look […]