Good parents have some common qualities that make their children’s lives full of happiness. Among all of them, I believe that there are three indispensable qualities. Followings are my explanations First of all, parents should keep intimate relationship with their children. It is intimacy that builds trust in children’s heart. It makes them feel secure […]


Importance of education

Education is not only an important part of human’s life, as it helps the person to make decisions, expand his understanding and widen his vision. But it also contribute in the rise or fall of nations. That is why parents have an important role in their children life, communities also have affect on them. Also, […]


sport at universities

In my opinion, universities should give the same amount of money to their students’ sports activities as they give to their library. I believe sports activities are great for students’ health, perfect break for better studding results and chance of seeing friends Universities focus just on students’ knowledge and they forget about students’ physical condition. […]


household work

Children are the basic blocks of our society. We should teach them the necessary and important things for their future and also train them to be helpful at their early stage. So if have to make a choice, I am in harmony with those who thinks children should help household tasks as soon as they […]