Girls and boys

There is long standing debate about whether coeducation is better than the separate school for boys and girls or not. In my opinion, it is better for the boys and girls both to study in the same school rather than joining the different schools for their study. I feel this way for the two main […]


Knowledge learned through books

Some people think that knowledge gained from books is important than that from private experiences. However, as far as I am concerned, I believe that knowledge learned through my own experience is more important. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay To begin with, information in the […]


Facts and context

The education system is often at the center of interesting debates; some of them focus on the structure of schools themselves, but others are based on more abstract topics, such as which is the most correct way to educate students at every level. On this line of thought, some argue that educators (that is, teachers […]


Daily Homework

Education plays a significant role in our lives. Homework is one of the most frequent used tools in education. It is used in every stage of education, from universities to elementary schools. Some teachers assign homework to students every day. In think, it is so excessive. In my opinion, daily homework is not necessary for […]


Never give up!

People have dreams, especially young people. Dreams make our life meaningful. Someone might want to get high income, others might want to do what they like to do in their future. In general, however, To make dreams come true is very difficult, so we are required to keep trying and never stop working for the […]


The propotition that people sometimes should and have to do what is not interesting for them is one of very

The propotition that people sometimes should and have to do what is not interesting for them is one of very contraversial topics and different people mayhave different opinion about the issue. In my opinion, nevertheless, I am totally in favor of the proposition because doing what is not interesting is important not only for youeself, […]


Being with friends

There are many kinds of people in the social,some of them love to spend their time doing something alone, some hang out with only few close friends,but some go along with their large group of friends. Spending time with few friends might look boring for the one who love parties.However, it is comfortable for someone […]


Trying new things

Albeit doing repetitive things has its own benefits like repetitive achievements, but I’d rather try new things. The first reason is that by trying new things I can find the things which I have a better performance in doing them relatively. Some people have been created to be mathematician. Some people have been created to […]