DW #B10 §1

Nowadays, it’s common to treat salaries as the most significant aspect of one’s job. This kind of view reminds me of the plot in the novel by St. Exupere “the Little Prince,” when the author grows up from his early childhood, noticed these snobbish merchants cares about nothing but profits,he lost trust to those avaricious […]


Purpose of education

The statement argues that the education is putting constrain to the mind of people. This statement may be too gereral. It is true that some formal educations supress the strdent’s imagintation. They using feed methord for teaching which cause students just remember the knowledge without understanding them. However, it is not always the case. Some […]


Personality of Modern Comunication

The presonality of the modern communication facilities highly depends on the way we use them. These sort of communications can be used in a very personal way or in a general manner, as we wish. It is because that the companies who provide communication products for us are attempting to gain the maximum profit by […]


money1 914

The issue of whether the money a person earns is the most imperative facet of jobs, arouses much controversy among people with different social strata. While some people extol the virtues of payments and wage, there are some others holding the view that money is the primary object of individuals in pursuit of happiness and […]


Telephone 1

The issue of whether the use of telephones and email are communication between people and are less personal arouse public controversy among people with different social strata. While some people believe that these ubiquitous devices facilitate the communication between people, there other holding the view that these devices use more personal. As far as I […]