The modern society is witnessing a prevailing phenomenon that whether advertising makes people buy things that they don’t need. There is a growing body of view that more and more public tend to buy things through watching advertisements even if it is not necessary, while there is another opinion that some individuals believe that companies […]


How advertising affect us?

How advertising affect us? This is a controversial issue and there are two possible attitudes toward it. Some state that it gives us useful information about new products, while others argue that it encourages us to buy items which are not necessary. If asked, both groups would present compelling arguments to corroborate their assertions. I […]


advertisements tell us about new products

Although advertising plays a key role in increasing brand awareness; it sometimes deceives people about the quality and function of a product. Likewise, I agree with the idea that advertisements can be a powerful motivating factor to purchase useless things. My essay will outline two main reasons. In the first place, one thing in need […]



Some people might contend that advertising is useless because consumers already know what they want. Others might argue that advertising is an effective tool promoting goods. If asked, both groups would present compelling arguments to corroborate their assertions. For the following reasons, in my opinion, advertisement is not a waste of time and money if […]


Decrease in viewership

The argument presented suggest that the time alloted to weather and local news must be restored in order to attract more viewers and lose any more revenues from advertising. The Premises on which the conclusion is based are viewer complaints about the coverage of weather and local news. Another premise is that the advertisers have […]