City or Countryside

Some people become successful just because or luck. but most successful people , I’m sure, follow the plan they made in a very careful manner. I sometimes wonder if those people have something in common. They speak some foreign languages, especially English. They also have good educational backgrounds. If these are two of the requirements […]


The Risk of Being Self-employed

Some people may say that they are into being self-employed because they enjoy freeing from restriction of employer. However, others may prefer to working at company. If asked, both groups present convincing evidence to substantiate their stances. In my opinion, I definitely prefer to working at company rather than being self-employed. I feel this way […]


children and computers

The last years have seen an ever greater diffusion of the technology in every field of the human activities. Inevitably, this process has involved also education methods, introducing new innovative teaching approaches. However, some people argue that, by using digital calculators and computers, children have become too reliant on devices which don’t need effort, but […]