Without money, we couldn’t spend comfortable or happy lives, and working is necessary to live or to bring the families up. These days, in Japan, the number of the start-up companies has increased. Admitting there is another side of the coin, depending on the value system, or the personal traits, the preferences, and the like, […]


Benefits of long-term, realistic goals

Usually, young people have the necessary drive force to achieve what they desire, they lack the experience and understanding of what it is that they desire. Hence, they should be encouraged to define realistic and long-term goals to their life through proper thinking and time devotion, instead of seeking immediate fame and recognition. While it […]


Luck and hardwork

I disagree with the statement that the success of people completely owes their hard work, and is not related to luck. Since some people may have distinct viewpoints, I would like to give detailed reasons including some examples in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, luck gives people opportunities to get promoted or to achieve […]


The reason of going to college

When I was a child, I usually dreamed about going to college. People around me always told me to study hard in order to get into the best universities. At that time, I didn’t know why I had to go to college. However, as I grow up, I have come to know the motivation of […]



Throughout the history people were always longing for having the supernatural powers. In a famous legend, an ancient king was so greedy that he wished to have everything he touches turned to gold. Children dreams often of being the superman to be able to save everyone on earth. Adults usually dream of being the omniscient […]