Success with diligence

TOEFL Essay Topic 10 - When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success." Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

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Success with diligence

Some people think that luck is the most important factor of success, while others think that luck is nothing to do with success. Although this is very controversial topic because the definition of success is not clear, I believe that it is people with diligence who can get success or who can make money. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following.

To begin with, people who work hard have sophisticated job skills and these make them more competitive in job markets. Without a doubt, there is a very low probability of making money by lottery or investigation. However, the probability of making money by working hard is quite large. For example, in the financial magazine in Japan, every people in TOP 10 is CEO or investor. Is is a well-known fact that becoming CEO or top investor needs huge amount of sophisticate skills because they need to understand the market condition and get enough information and combine them for making good strategy. This illustrates that people with expertized talent can get money than others without. In addition, these people can protect their asset with idea which many people cannot come up with because of the lack of their analytical skills. Therefore, people who work hard can not only earn money but also protect their asset based on their creativity which people who can get money only by lack cannot come up with.

Secondly, people with diligence can get trust from others and it contributes to sustain their business longer. There are people who can get money only by luck. However, since they do not spend their time working with others or their jobs, the credit quality from the bank is not as high as people who have same amount of asset. People judge whether it is successful not only by the current condition but also by expectations. People with fortune certainly have money at some point but there is no guarantee for them to make money successively. On the other hand, people who have worked hard have knowledge to avoid losing money and to increase their asset, therefore the expectation of them is higher than people only with luck. My own experience shows this. When I was a student as a university student, one of my friend could get money by lottery. He thought that it was enough for him to spend school life and quitted his part-time job. After 4 years later, he exhausted his saving and tried to find job opportunity. However, since he spent his money for playing and did not have enough work experience, he could only get a limited offer. In contrast, other friends have worked hard during student life and have studied with diligence, they could get job which offers twice as much as money than friend with fortune.

In conclusion, I agree with the idea that people who continue to endure can get success. This is because it can make people acquire the sophisticated skills and because it enables people to make long-term strategy for making success.

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