Studying the same national curriculum

GRE Essay Topic 256 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Young people should be encouraged to pursue long-term, realistic goals rather than seek immediate fame and recognition."

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Studying the same national curriculum

Studying the same national curriculum is beneficial in some ways indeed. For example it helps the department of education to simplify their education plan and makes it easier to design tests. Since the students all study the same surriculum, it will be an easy job to distinguish the good learners.
However there are also sufficient side effects. Children study in different ways, requiring them to study the same currirulum will fail to encourage students to study at their maximum efficiency. Some students may prefer to learn things with their ears, and some students prefer watching. Requiring students to all study in the same way will surly damage students who is more efficient while studying in a different way. The enforcement of this policy fails to develope the vast interests that students may have while focusing only on a small range of subjects. Therefore the failure of early developement of interest may bury the existence of a potential genius.

Educators also have their own ways of teaching. A educator may have a subject their are extremely good at or have some unique view in certain subject. Forcing educators to teach in the same manner will surly decrease the efficiency of the class. A student may be enlighted by an educator’s unique point of view or advices if educators are not restrained to limited ways of teaching.

For some students who do not have talents in the courses selected as national curriculum, it seems unfair. For instance, a student may have extraordinary talents in music and art, but he or she is also required to study national courses if he or she wants to get high scores in exams design based on these courses but not music nor art. It will cost such a student a great anount of energy and time which he or she could have spent on the subject he or she is good at.

Although it may help in some ways to require all of its students to study the same national curriculum, the bad effects outnumber the good ones. It is not beneficial to students diversity, the educators’ working performance and certain students’ devel

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