studying by oneselves

TOEFL Essay Topic 17 - Some people think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher. Others think that it is always better to have a teacher. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons to develop your essay.

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studying by oneselves

Having a teacher of our own may depend on our personality and how good we are. Some people preffer to learn by themselves, and the others think it’s better to have a teacher of our own. For these reasons underneathe, I think learning by ourselves is more effecient than having a tutor.

First of all, having tutor costs a lot of money. Some people hire tutors for some unneccessity reasons. They think that they will absolutely better than before only if they have one. However, this basic expected anticipation is not true. Actually, if we look at the college students, people without the tutor tend to be better than the ones with the one. Also, most of the tutors don’t care about the improvement or the skill of the students. They just go back and forth when the time’s up. They aren’t as caring as how much the child’s parents could be.

Next, students starts to become dependent on the tutors. For some people, they don’t listen in ithe classes at school. They think that they can master everything they would have learned from the tutor. However, tutors won’t be able to teach him everything they learned from. He/She may miss something. The another reason is that they lose confidence in themselves. They’ll always need help from the tutors, and without them, they could feel the emptiness without having somebody to help them.

Finally, I have an experience of my own. When I was in 7th grade, there was a boy called, Anonymous. He always got the first place in the mathematic contest, and was superb at math. Nobody could even get to his foot. Therefore, people started to ask him the study method. Strangely, his answers were always, “Study by yourself, just without the tutor.” Nobody could understand what that meant. Some people started not having tutor. However, they didn’t know how to study by themselves with the long period of tutoring. Even though what he said was absolutely true, nobody knew how. This shows how the long time of tutoring can effect the method of learning.

From these reasons, I’ve explained why I think having a tutor isn’t such a good idea. Tutors cost money, they don’t care about the improvements of the students, students become dependent on them. Not only of that, students don’t listen in the class, lose confidence, and lose how to study themselves by the correct way of learning.

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