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GRE Essay Topic 774 - The following appeared in a memo from the president of a company that makes breakfast cereals. "In a recent study, subjects who ate soybeans at least five times per week had significantly lower cholesterol levels than subjects who ate no soy products. By fortifying our Wheat-O cereal with soy protein, we can increase sales by appealing to additional consumers who are concerned about their health. This new version of Wheat-O should increase company profits and, at the same time, improve the health of our customers. " Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument.

Author: Hannah Lee | Date: March 20, 2018 | Score: 5

The fortification of nutrition is one of common strategies for cereal companies, and some customers have been convinced to the advertisement related to health. The course of president’s thought is, however, too simplistic to have the increase of profit guaranteed. There are three big holes in his...

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While soybeans may be healthy for you, the author provides unsubstantial evidence that clarifies the addtion of soy-protein to the cereal would infact engender a healthy product in addtion to it being profitable. The evidence that the author provides along with the assumptions prove that there is addtion evidence needed to support their claim.

First of all, the author states a survey that addresses the benefits of health when it comes to the consuming of the soy-bean. The author does not provide how many people are a part of this test and the duration for which the soy-beans would take affect. The cholesterol plummet may have been caused from other chemical reactions in the body other then the consumption of soy-beans. The author does not state how these soy beans play their part in lowering cholesterol and needs to provide some scientific evidence behind this study that they use to warrant the claim that soy beans do decrease cholesterol.

From the previous claim that soy beans do provide the decrease in cholesterol, the author will assume that the addtion of soy-protein to the cereal will provide a combination of a profitable and healthy product. The author assumes that it takes soy-bean protein to make up the effects that they claim to decrease the cholesterol in people. The author does not know if the soy bean itself needs to be processed for the actual effect.

In conclusion, the author provides evidence to the claim that is stated but is at fault with the accuracy of the evidence providing only broad statements and not providing detail behind the claim that they provide when it comes to the study with the cholestorl beingl lowered by the cause of the soy-bean consumption.

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