Some students prefer to study alone. Others prefer to study

TOEFL Essay Topic 184 - Some students prefer to study alone. Others prefer to study with a group of students. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Some students prefer to study alone. Others prefer to study

Some of them like to study alone, while others prefer to study with a group. I have had experiences both in studying alone and studying with a group. I have faced both advantages and disadvantages of these two ways. However, I prefer to study with a group, and the reasons are as follows.

Studying with a group is a great opportunity to gain a lot of information about a certain thing or subject from different sides. From group members I can learn new ideas and new ways of thinking. This gives me wide imagination about a certain issue and I can choose the right way for me to retain this information. While studying alone deprives me from such chance and I learn only as much, as my comprehension allows me. For example, I learn English with a group and during the classes, we can speak, listen, learn many unknown words and expressions. But when I study alone I cannot practice, I can only read and repeat.

When I study alone I am not concentrated enough, I am easily distracted and I cannot manage my time. I can do all house works, or meet relatives and friends, thus postponing my classes. But when I am with study group I know that I have limited time and I must be concentrated enough in order not to miss anything. Besides, group has its own schedule and I will follow it by all means.

Studying with a group has another advantage for me. It gives me a great chance to know about my friends’ skills and abilities more closely. We can evaluate each other objectively, respect each other perspective, learn to hear and express oneself more efficiently in public, become more tolerant and appreciative and in fact make lifelong lasting friendships.

I always use the chance to study with a group because I have always the possibility to study alone but not with a group. Using this way of studying I can gain benefits from others’ knowledge, share and socialize, be more concentrated and organized, and build valuable relationships with group members.

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