Some people say they agree the statement which is that when people succeed, it is because of hard work, luck

TOEFL Essay Topic 10 - When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success." Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

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Some people say they agree the statement which is that when people succeed, it is because of hard work, luck

Some people say they agree the statement which is that when people succeed, it is because of hard work, luck has nothing to do with success. But I do not agree this statement above. My reasons go as follows.

First, admittedly, the most improtant reason why people secceed is due to their hard work. No one can just sit at home and expect gold falling down. Everyone who strives hard has a high probability to be seccessful.

However, hard work is not the only factor which affects people`s success. Luck also plays a very improtant role in people`s road to success. For instance, it is reported that on Monday, interviewers have a relatively bad mood, thus it is likely that some interviewees who could be accepted on weekdays other than Monday might be refused by interviewers on Monday. Obviously, it is partially depended by the interviewee`s luck. In addition to it, there are many invention and discovery in history were made by a accident chance.

Some people who strive hard fail to succeed because of their lack of good opportunities. There are also some people who do not work very hard succeed finally mostly depending on pure luck. For example, a pop star was found by entertainment company accidently, thus have a good chance to be famous.

We can not deny the importance of hard work in the road to success. Hard work means being ready when opportunity comes. So hard work and luck both lead a people to be seccessful.

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