Some people say that the Internet provides people with a lot

TOEFL Essay Topic 84 - Some people say that the Internet provides people with a lot of valuable information. Others think access to so much information creates problems. Which view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

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Some people say that the Internet provides people with a lot

Nowadays, internet plays a pivotal role in the life of any person. Surely, every thing has good and bed effects, and it is depend on each person to choose the way for using internet. I believe we can gain many valuable data and information from internet. Internet has many advantages, including many pdf book for reading, many websites about healghty and necessary news that people need to know.

First, let us look at what a person can typically gain from a internet. Reading a lot of book in the internet is the best reason for claiming that internet has many benefits. For example, when I write my these during my PhD program, I need one book that there is not in any library in our city, and I downloaded it from one website and used it. Furthermore, many people prefer to read books in the internet instead of original books. Because reading from internet is easy and sometimes free, each person can readily benefits from the advantages of the books.

There is also more subtle point we most consider. Using many instruction in websites about healthy, help anyone to become less illness, and it is very great for any society to have less disease. For instance, I do not conern about consuming to much salt in my foods, but after reading an article about the harming of salt I use a few salt in my meals. Also, each year people die because they do not have access to essential information about their body, and internet can omit this problem.

Finally, I cannot oversee the fact that internet gives us important news. If each country have to speak to their people about significant issue, media is the best mean to do it, and in fact, nowadays, internet is the one of the most effective media among people. Last year, one virus spread out around some cities in our country. Our goverment tried to solve this problem, but they need to people to contribute to their programs. During this condition, internets play an important roll, and they aware people about dangerious of this malady and the ways for afflicting by this virus by the help of many internet websites.

To sum up, I can say that without internet we certainly loss this advantages, and in the result of this we have lower culture, more dissease and also many peolpe who do not aware about the essential news.

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