Some people may say that computers have make life easier and more convenient while others think that computer have made

TOEFL Essay Topic 73 - Some people say that computers have made life easier and more convenient. Other people say that computers have made life more complex and stressful. What is your opinion? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Some people may say that computers have make life easier and more convenient while others think that computer have made life more complex and stressful. It is a difficult choice faced by lots of people because of different attitudes they hold towards computer. As far as I am concerned, I vote ...

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Nowadays, many teenagers, who are in the age of puberty , want to pursue the liberty of expression by demonstrating their character and realizing their emotion. So they always dress their private clothes, such as some strange hat, jeans and so on to prove the difference between themselves and other students. Seeing the situation, school make a regulation to resolve this phenomena. They demand the students must dress the uniform. But some educators think that the policy will limit the student's imagination, because they would not to show themselves. However, my opinion is opposite:if the students are forced to be dressed the same, the attention of students will change from choice of dressing / dressing of strangeness/style of dressing to academics of seriousness/ pursuit of academics/ academics of school. In following paragraphs, I will put forward my reasons and my evidences.

Saving time is one of the most important reason why I agree that the policy of uniforms is beneficial to students.Nowadays, because the management of school board demand that the students must be developed in many aspect, the students,who have to take part in many college exam, are not only required to learn many compulsory courses such as Maths, history and English, but also need to have some classes about some hobbies of themselves to satisfy the standards of school and make their resume more colorful. So spare time ,which is left for relaxation and development of interest, is decreasing rapidly. In this way, morning routines will be rush and hasty. If there is no clear limitation about what to dress at school, the students will consider to match the dresses and their dressing style. Then, they will waste more time on rummaging the whole closet for the favorable clothes and trying in front of the mirror. Therefore, they may miss the final bus and come late for school. This phenomenon will cause a consequence that the attention of learning courses will be distracted. However, wearing uniforms will resolve this problem . The students can have a breakfast , do some sports and read textbook for today's lessons instead of spending more time choosing right clothes.

Wearing uniforms can reduce the gap between the rich and poor. (主题句)In recent years, the country's economy makes people live in many different classes, so the classified phenomenon exists everywhere, includes schools and colleges. In this way, we often notice that the rich children and poor children always listen to the professor's lecture in same classroom , have lunch together in dinning hall and discuss the plan of outclass activities.(细化场景,多细节画面)On the other hand, sometimes, we also see some unequal situation that teenager ,who like to compare with each other, dress different kinds of clothes to prove their abilities and background. In this case, if the school haven't the limitation, the rich will show up their wealth by wearing superb clothes, and then the poor student will become jealous about material pursuit. Therefore, the disadvantage group will be isolated and discriminated. If so, gradually they will feel a sense of self-abasement and wound not focus on studies. At this time, uniforms will make student look same and shorten the distance between two type of students. 举个栗子(50-80字):议论时,在高层次论述。此时举得例子符合上述所议论的大道理,根据道理的各个分点变成符合其逻辑的实例。For example, my brother's school is a private school. When he was a student in grade one, the student could dress some clothes from some great brand. Their mark of exam reveal the problem that few student were focusing on studies. Until last term, after the management of school noticed the phenomenon, they pushed out the plan about enforcement of Dress Code and encouraged the student to dress the uniform during the school time except the special ceremonies. Just as what everyone had predicted, all of students' mark increased by seven percent. The reason is that uniform could eliminate the bad behaviors at school , and make then pay more attention to study.

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