Smart or humorous friend

TOEFL Essay Topic 172 - When students move to a new school, they sometimes face problems. How can schools help these students with their problems? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

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Smart or humorous friend

Look at the society we lived in, everyone had their own friend circle. People would choose to make friends depending on their personality, their outlook of values, and even common hobbies. Some people would say that it is better for people to have friends who are intelligent than to have friends who have a good sense of humor, while others are willing to make friends with one who are humorous enough. To be honest, I am in favor of the former opinion.

There is no denying that make friends with one who is intelligent enough might help you to resolve the difficulties in academic field. There is saying, as for me, a university student, the most important matter is to finish assignment from classes and pay more attention to study. If I meet some conundrums, I could discuss with my intelligent friends and get a decent grade finally. For example, my friend was the top student in the class, and I always take the difficulties, mostly the math problems, and my desirable attitude to ask for his help. He usually was happy to help me. Fortunately, I got full marks in math because of his help.

It is apparent that having a friend who is smart also could give you some valuable suggestions for orienting and navigating the direction of your development later. In other words, they can just help you to analyze societal situation, and recommend a better choice for you such as what majors you would take in university and what types of company you might have an advantage over to work on. In that case, it is really helpful for our development. Compared with these people with intelligent friends, those who only have some humorous friends would not gain such a great guard for our development.

Admittedly, some dissenters would say that with several humorous friends, and you might be happy and be more pleasure to get in touch with them. If we have a cautious discussion and deliberation, we would get to know that these humorous friends could not help us in real. They may let us laugh, which actually wastes a great amount of study time. They are not beneficial for our personal growth.

All in all, friend selection is directly impact on people’s life and development. We should choose our friend who is more helpful, and we can reach our height with the help of them.

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