Sine I have watched the movie "sleepless in Seattle", I became fascinated with Tom Hanks, an outstanding and distinguished actor.

TOEFL Essay Topic 90 - If you could meet a famous entertainer or athlete, who would that be, and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

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Sine I have watched the movie "sleepless in Seattle", I became fascinated with Tom Hanks, an outstanding and distinguished actor.

Sine I have watched the movie "sleepless in Seattle", I became fascinated with Tom Hanks, an outstanding and distinguished actor. So if I could meet a famous entertainer, Tom Hanks would be the one I most like to meet. The purpose of my essay is to address why I hope to meet Tom Hanks.

The most significant reason is Tom Hanks’ splendid and superb acting, and two Oscar prizes for the best actor and other numerous prizes can prove it. Hollywood is full of handsome men and pretty women; while Tom Hanks, who has no striking appearance, is always welcomed warmly by reviewers and audiences because of his natural and wholehearted acting. He have perform completely different characters such as a heartbroken husband, a sturdy and brave AIDS patient, a feeble-minded man and so on, which he acted professionally and portray details to bring the characters to life and make the movie more excellent. Every time I watch Tom Hanks’ movies, I am deeply moved. So, Tom Hanks is my most favorite actor and I hope to meet him.

On the other hand, the healthy and positive image of Tom Hanks is one of the reasons that I like to meet him. Out of the movie, it is admitted that Tom Hanks is a warmhearted, friendly and honest man. For example, he never appears in passive news. I like to meet him not only because of the reputation or fame of Tom Hanks but also his nice personality. If he is only a superstar, I prefer to watch his movies only to appreciate his performance. But he is a person with so many merits that I hope I could meet him and make friends with him.

In conclusion, Tom Hanks is the one I would like to meet. It is natural and logic because of his superior and splendid acting and the excellent personalities he has.

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