Signs of a perfect child

TOEFL Essay Topic 46 - What are the important qualities of a good son or daughter? Have these qualities changed or remained the same over time in your culture? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Signs of a perfect child

Children are the best gift which life can take us. But good ones can change life quality in a big manner. In different culture tradition and social norms define what is good and what’s not. in the country I live, which is some kind of traditional and religious one have a old definition. So following these old manner make a person nice in the eyes of others.

In Iran, my country, respecting religion is in high priority. In spite of modern culture, morality in Iran means and define by Islamic laws. Although new generation are ignoring this qualification and it going to be paled over time but it stills remained a important social aspect of people here. Therefore children who respect these laws makes them call the nice one. In my opinion children who could learn respect others specially older people and try to do his/her best to help everyone are good children, far from any religion.

In my point of view, children should respect parents and his/her friends. It doesn’t change over time and is a permanent quality to be happy to have a boy or daughter. They also should consider the economic situation of the family and never put extra pressure to satisfy his/her needs. These mentioned factors are the important ones which are the minimum ethical behavior. Besides, to call a boy or daughter a good one, all social and personal factors joint together and make a right qualification. Any feedback related to your children, makes you proud or disaffected. So I would satisfy of my children or child if he/she could fit in these condition.

Finally, even though having a child is a gift, he/she could disappoint you or makes you feel better in your life. I believe children who respect the social norms and its parent could achieve a appropriate social aspect.

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