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GRE Essay Topic 954 - The following appeared in a memorandum from the president of Excello Food Markets. "In 90 towns where Excello has food markets, natural-food stores specializing in organic food products ?products containing no chemical preservatives and made with foods grown without pesticides ?have opened nearby as competitors. Surveys of our own customers reveal a growing concern about foods grown using pesticides or preserved with chemicals. Recently our market in Sun City participated in a local food tasting fair, and 75 percent of the fair goers who visited the Excello booth requested free samples of organic fruit. Such evidence indicates that to increase our profits, we should begin to stock a full line of organic food products in all our markets. " Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument.

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By citing a variety of facts such as the competions in 90 towns where Excelo has food markets and a survey related people's willingness towards the green food, the author concludes that in order to... Read more
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In this argument, the president of Excello Food Markets (EFM) recommends a full line of organic food poducts in all markets of his company. To justify this, he says that there are organic food stor... Read more
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