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GRE Essay Topic 890 - The following appeared in a memorandum from the president of Hyper-Go Toy Company. "Last year, sales of our Fierce Fighter toy airplane declined sharply, even though the toy had been a top seller for three years. Our customer surveys show that parents are now more worried about youthful violence and are concerned about better education for their children. Therefore, to maintain profits we should discontinue all our action toys and focus exclusively on a new line of educational toys. Several other toy companies have already begun marketing educational toys and report sales increases last year of 200 percent. And since the average family income is growing, sales of new Hyper-Go toys should also increase. " Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument.

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In the argument, the Dr.Karp recommends that we should apply the interview-centered method rather than the observation-centered method in the future research on the subject. To support his recommen... Read more
A Comment on Memorandum from the President of Hyper-Go Toy C Score:5.5 July 5th, 2014 by
The president found that their top toy airplane has dropped in sales figures last year. According to their customer surveys, they thought that the parents attitude's change toward youthful violence... Read more
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Author claims that although fierce fight toy airplane had been the topseller for three years its sales declined drastically.He supports this claim by a survey conducted by the toy company according... Read more
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The argument presented here contains lots of gaps and severe loopholes . Neither its premises nor the conclusion is rather convincing .In this the author assumes that ,the only way to sustain the ... Read more
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The reconnaser claims that the to maintain profits the hyper toy company should discontinue all our action toys and focus exclusively on a new line of educational toys. To support that conclusion t... Read more
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The company memo highlights drop in sales of one of it's products. It also points out recent drift in trend regarding toys. People are now preferring to buy educational, non-violent toys for childr... Read more
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