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GRE Essay Topic 777 - One kind of brain-scanning device is used by doctors to monitor normal as well as abnormal activity in a patient's brain. The device provides precise measurements of blood flow in the brain, a known indicator of how the brain is working. Unfortunately, the device requires patients to remain completely still with their heads in the scanning machine, which makes a very loud noise. Under these uncomfortable conditions, it is doubtful that doctors can get accurate measurements. A new head-mounted device that measures eye movements rather than blood flow and allows patients to move around will undoubtedly provide better brain measurements. Thus, the new head-mounted device should replace the older device at all hospitals and research institutions. Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument.

new kind of brain-scanning device Score:4.5 September 2nd, 2016 by
The above argument tries to illustrate the side effects of an older brain-scanning device and doubts the result of the test given the uncomfortable conditions under which it is conducted. It then ... Read more
Brain – Scanning Device Score:4 July 10th, 2015 by
The writer of the argument given above is of the view that in all hospitals and research institutions the old device used to scan brains should be replaced with the new device. He is of the view th... Read more
Brain-scanning device argument Score:4 January 1st, 2013 by
The passage is discussing about the brain scanning device use by the doctor to measure the patient abnormal activities.the device can measure the blood flow in the brain and shows how the brain can... Read more
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Brain-scanning device or head-mounted device Score:4 August 20th, 2010 by
The conclusion of the passage is that we should replace the older device with the new head-mounted device at all hospitals and research institutions. Though the writer of the passage gives several... Read more
device Score:5.5 April 5th, 2009 by
The arguer recommends replacing the older device by new one at all hospitals and research institutions. To substantiate the argument, the arguer informs us of the performance of the old device and ... Read more
brain Score:3 October 17th, 2008 by
The argument that new device which measures the eye movement is better than the device which measures blood flow omits some important concerns that must be addressed to substantiate the argument. T... Read more
October 17, 2008