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GMAT Essay Topic 663 - "Because of recent advancements in business and technology, the overall quality of life in most societies has never been better than at the present time." Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion stated above. Support your views with reasons and/or examples from your own experience, observations, or reading.

My First Essay Score: 4 May 10th, 2013 by
We are living in a very interesting times. In spite of world financial crisis many businesses are still doing very well. Technology oriented companies become more competitive and produce the best ... Read more
Impeccable lifestyle Score: 4 February 10th, 2013 by
The argument claims that because of modern advancements and growth in business and technology sectors the overall quality of life could be seen as never been better than at the present time. The c... Read more
Increase quality of life Score: 5 September 9th, 2010 by
Some contend that the overall quality of life in most societies has never been better than at the present time because of advancements in business and technology. I agree with this statement, as m... Read more

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Argument Score: 5 December 28th, 2009 by
In the article, the author concludes that the Furniture Depot employed the internet advertising company to help to boost sales, and the company's success can demonstrate how using the internet serv... Read more
Technology Score: 5 August 24th, 2009 by
In asserting that most societies are better-off than they were at previous times, the speaker fails to acknowledge some problems related to this issue. However, I agree with the statement to the ex... Read more
Life Score: 4.5 November 27th, 2008 by
Today's is no doubt very luxurious then ever before. Life in these days is pleasure with mobiles,internet, machines,technologies,etc. Now we can in touch with our relatives with mobiles and interne... Read more
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this is very good topic for the discussion of the isse on advancements. At your request, we have updated the email address in your GMAT® profile. For security reasons, this confirmation letter is ... Read more
iSsue663 Score: 5 March 28th, 2008 by
The statements says that there has been a colossal change in the quality of life in most societies and it has never been better than at present. I agree with the premise because the techonogy is ad... Read more
quality of life Score: 5 December 4th, 2007 by
The extent to which, quality of life has imporved because of recent advancements in business and technology is a debatable topic in this era of industrilaization. In my view, the recent changes hav... Read more
Life – At Present Score: 4 June 25th, 2007 by
Determination of the quality of life at present or past is completely a personal decision. The topic is slightly arguable and i would agree with the statement. It is arguable , cause if we ask t... Read more
not equal Score: 5 June 11th, 2007 by
The issue of technical advancements relative to the quality of life has been a controversial and highly discussed one over the past decades. Some say that avancements in business and technology hav... Read more

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